“Anuk Jovović (née Miladinović) produces videos that often explore the mutual influence between humans and their environments, generating abstract narratives where any hierarchy between figure and setting is erased.”


Matthew Alexander Post, Curator at Kunstverein Munich, 2018



“The people that appear seem to quietly and devotedly follow some non-transparent choreographies. The air is full of something promising: the appearance of another person, the arrival of an event, a signal for an action. Atmospherically thick sequences alternate like freeze frames.”


Stefanie Böttcher, Director of Kunsthalle Mainz, 2014



“Space is a construct, a composition. A setting. This is made obvious in the artist’s videos and installations. At the same time, the composed spaces seem like disturbing worlds, especially in the newer videos. You can descend into them, as if into the subconscious. They contain, however, no emotional depths in epic form; rather, what is revealed is a complete emptiness, which seems all the deeper.”


Greta Hoheisel, Cultural Journalist, 2013



“Miladinović’s work is sometimes massive and bold, sometimes insubstantial and ephemeral, but it almost always enters into an unsettling dialogue with the surroundings in which it is presented.”


Hans Op de Beeck, Artist, 2012



“Content that is difficult to interpret seems to have been molded into a strikingly uniform formal vocabulary. Precise registration characterizes these recordings, along with an aesthetic approach that embeds an unusual group of events into a metallically cool atmosphere. And the film continues as a sequence of interruptions.”

“Unrealities and paradoxes disturb the continuity of reality. The fictional permeates the supposedly familiar conditions of the world, infiltrating and subverting habitual reality.”


Thomas D. Trummer, Director of Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2012





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Studio Anuk Jovović

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