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Exhibition project curated by Anuk Jovović

In collaboration with the Artists Association Užice

Gallery Reflektor and City Gallery Užice, 2017





In the exhibition project BORDERLAND ESC two projects are combined and further developed.


LOW COST EXCHANGE, under the direction of Anuk Jovović, has already taken place in Munich, Belgrade and Požega (2015-2016) and consisted of artists from Munich and Belgrade who work with different media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, printmaking, video, photography and mixed media. An important part of this project was the exchange between the artists and getting to know the working methods, working conditions and the cultures.


BORDERLAND was the title of an exhibition in Basel (2017). It exclusively showed high-quality video installations by international young artists. The title-giving topic has been touched on at different levels in this project. In the individual positions of the artists but also through the medium of film and the content-wise dealing with related topics.


BORDERLAND ESC combines these two projects with local artists of the Artist Association Užice in an exhibition.





Milan Antić

Filip Baralić

Jörg Besser

Felix Burger

Aquil Copier

Marijana Ćurčić

Aleksandar Dimitrijević

Uros Djurić

Daniel Door

Matze Görig

Pavle Jovović

Bianca Kennedy

Denny Klement

Felix Kraus

Claudia Lacher

Anuk Miladinović

Vladimir Milanović

Torsten Mühlbach

Siniša Radulović

Miloš Vučićević

Uros Zvizdić


Supported by


Erwin und Gisela von Steiner Stiftung