Low Cost Exchange Belgrade 1


Low Cost Exchange Belgrade 2


Low Cost Exchange Belgrade 3


Low Cost Exchange Belgrade 4


Low Cost Exchange Belgrade 5







Exhibition Project, 2015-2016

Curated by Anuk Jovović

Gallery Remont Belgrade (2015)





The exhibition and project LOW COST EXCHANGE built on the exchange between the Faculties of Fine Arts in Belgrade and Munich, which began in 2013 by the initiative of Anuk Jovović. At that time a group of students developed and realized two well perceived exhibitions in each city.

In addition to the exhibitions, the focus of LOW COST EXCHANGE was on the exchange between the participating artists and the public. Beside the exhibitions there were artist talks and each group of guests was hosted and shown around in the cities and their art scenes by the locals.





Milan Antić

Maria Berauer

Jörg Besser

Aleksandar Dimitrijević

Uroš Djurić

Anuk Miladinović

Vladimir Milanović

Torsten Mühlbach


Supported by


Kulturreferat München